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Project Description:

MINUTE – Part of the Werrd “Time Series”

The MINUTE is an undersized battleship ready for action. Amazing value for money – but without compromise.

The MINUTE is packed with everything. It’s not an illusion. At this size and shape you would be forgiven to think some sacrifices had been made but with much testing this yoyo doesn’t settle for second best.  Its advanced weight distribution and rim-weighted design give it the power to be competition-ready even while being undersized.


Engineered with the highest level of design and performance it is incredibly easy to control and the smaller size helps with string rejection and chopstick style tricks. You would be challenged to find another undersized yoyo with better features and performance.

Available for the Werrd Bounty – Together with the EIGHTY-SIX400 and HOUR yoyos.

(See www.werrd.com for details) with over US$1000 worth of prizes to be won by any player who wins a title with the HOUR*

* Terms and Conditions apply – see here for details.

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Werrd MINUTE Specs:

Diameter: 52.5mm
Width: 42.75mm
Gap Width 4.6mm
Weight: 66.5g
Bearing  Size: Center Trac C Size0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187
Response: Blueprint (Kpad) 19mm OD Slim
Axle Size: M4 Axle – 12mm
Material: AL 6061 T6  anodized  bead blasted
String Provided Blueprint Poly Type 6