Jacob Jensen

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Jacob is among the most well-known yoyoers of our generation. He is constantly pushing boundaries in yoyoing and always working on something new. His hard work and dedication to this hobby have led him to create some of the most beautiful tricks the yoyo community has ever seen. Aside from being a skilled player, he has a vast knowledge of all things yoyo. You can ask him questions about anything from basic trick composition to yoyo design and he will more than likely have an educated answer to offer. Jacob is one of the coolest people that we’ve ever had the chance to meet and we’re more than excited to have him be a part of Werrd.

Name: Jacob Jensen

Hometown: La Grande, OR

Years yoyoing: since mid 2005, however long that is at the time you read this

Main style of play: 1A

Favorite yo-yo(s): pretty ones

Favorite food(s): crêpes, fried rice, ham/egg sandwiches

Favorite yo-yoer(s): Yuuki Spencer, Eric Koloski, Ryosuke Iwasawa, Mikhail Tulabut, Yukihiro Suzuki

Favorite music/band(s): Yes, Virt

Favorite movie: Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

Boxers or Briefs (if applicable)? boxer-briefs