Ky Zizan

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Ky Zizan, member of the Werrd Wrecking Crew and leader of Team Bananagrams, is one of the most underrated yoyoers in the scene right now. With a decade of yo-yoing experience, he has witnessed more change in the community than almost anybody else on our entire team. He has been a big name out in the east coast for a very long time now. His unorthodox slack tricks make for some of the coolest looking 1a tricks around. We hope that with our help, Ky will finally get the recognition he has so long deserved. So we welcome Mr. Zizan with open arms and we’re happy to have him join our Werrd Family.

Name: Ky Zizan (aka argee, M.O.R.)

Hometown: Pittsburgh PA

How many years have you been yoyoing? 8 years

Main style of play: !A is my favorite to compete in but i do everything.

Favorite yo-yo(s): Split decision, Sabotage g5, freehands

Favorite food(s): Blueberries, ramen ( just got a good ramen spot around here dat curry ramen be off da chain), stuff i can eat

Favorite yo-yoer(s): Isaac sams, yuuki, zach gormley, ALL of the russians, plamek and all the polish players, whip, titi and all the sick brazilian players i dont see at worlds anymore, shinji saito, eric tranton, elliot jackson, mark montgomery, janos, Chun hay Chan, matt kolbrener, drew tetz, jason lee, paul escolar i could go on and on haha

Favorite music/band(s): Everything but in specific Cameo, Danny byrd, Dillinja, J dilla, mf doom, AZ, Kashif, nas, Dj slyce, Dj craze, Qbert, DJ boogie blind, DJ P, P trix, Dj precision, Dj i-dee, Mix master mike, Alexander sonnenfield, Dj netik (look up netiks battle with dj selekt from 2001, the funky ass beats part is too sick also dj selekt has one of the hardest disses with the tribe wordplay.).  I could also go on and on haha

Favorite movie: Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, anything Cronenberg or Lynch

Boxers or Briefs Tin foil