Alex Curfman

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A 3a mastermind, Alex Curfman is a recent addition to our ever growing Werrd Wrecking Crew. He is constantly breaking the conventional mechanics of 3a, and is always trying to incorporate new and creative ways to get in and out of tricks. Aside from his 3a skill set he is also an avid rock climber. Werrd is glad to have such a well-rounded individual on our Wrecking Crew.

Name: Alex Curfman

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Years yoyoing: 5 years

Main style of play: 3a, 1a

Favorite yo-yo(s): Original irony, Hour

Favorite food(s): Cook-out

Favorite yo-yoer(s): Issac Sams, Hank Freeman, Drew Tetz, Samm Scott

Favorite music/band(s): Chill electronic/dubstep stuff

Favorite Movie: Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo