Mark Allen

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Known in the yoyo community as the innovator of all things String Rejection related, Mark Allen is a seasoned veteran in the yoyo world. His work with string rejections during the mid-2000’s put his name down as one of the modern greats in yo-yoing. His smooth flowing style has gotten lots of recognition, and it was even featured in “Save Deth: Volume 2”. In 2012, Werrd and Mark teamed up to create a signature yoyo that would fit his play style. So in August of 2012, The Sentinel was born. The size of the Sentinel is not meant to be any bit of a novelty. We were trying to create a yoyo that would look “normal-sized” in mark’s hand that could perform as well as any full sized yoyo. The result was one of the best playing yoyos we have ever made, and we hope Mark is enjoying them as much as we are. Mark is not only a skilled yoyo player, but he’s also a talented baseball player. He’s a caring individual who will lend a helping hand to anyone he sees. While he seems incredibly intimidating at first, he is actually one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. It is an honor to have him be a part of the Werrd family, and we hope that you all have a chance to meet him in the future. Werrd is proud to call Mark Allen an Alliance member.