Vu Ho

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The 2010 Australian 1a Champion, Vu Ho is the epitome of natural talent. His uncanny ability to pick up anybody’s tricks within mere minutes puts him so far ahead of many of other yoyoers.  Vu is one of those people who just progressed far too quickly. His style of yo-yoing matured at an extremely rapid pace through the years he has been on the team. It’s because of his constant change in style that he manages to keep himself as a consistent threat to all of the other yoyoers. His smooth style of yo-yoing is one of the most impressive things to watch, especially in a world where speed is king. His slow paced yo-yoing is entrancing and is always a pleasure to watch.Vooie is naturally gifted at everything he does. While we aren’t sure if this is factual or not, but we hear Vu can cook up quite the storm. At the mere age of 17 Vu Ho was already an accomplished chef, we say was because he has already retired from that profession. Aside from his cooking abilities, Vu is one of the hardest working people we have ever met. Not only that, but his attention to detail is unlike anybody else in this world. Having him at HQ to hand test yoyos is great, because it ensures that all of our yoyos are shipped out with the best quality. We could not be any happier to call Vu a part of the Werrd Alliance

Name: Huy Vu Jeffer “ Vooie” Ho

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia…DOWN UNDA yo

Main Style: All A’s except 2a, that shit’s nasty.

Favorite YoYo: Werrd TRE2K13, Sentinel, Irony JP, and Duncan FHZ

Favorite Food: Crisps, Chips, deep fried shit

Favorite Player: Justin Weber or dat Tranny guy

Favorite Music/Band(s): Ed Sheeran mofuggas, Ginger love

Favorite Movie: Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, (500) Days of Summer

Boxer or Briefs? Boxerbriefs with the flytrap… They’re comfortable ok?