Keith Mitton

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Keith “Skip” Mitton A.K.A: The Professor, A.K.A Chief Kief, A.K.A Ballbags, A.K.A Milkman, A.K.A K-Poo, is one of the world’s most famous yoyoers. He was one of the original members of the Werrd Alliance, and has been repping since the creation of the Alliance. Through the years, Skip has made a name for himself through his unique style of yo-yoing. Every trick that Skip does is special, and every element is different from the last one. This special style of yo-yoing landed him the Title of Australian National Open Division Champion in 2010 and 2011! Aside from being the national champion on multiple occasions, Skip has made it through two rounds of Australia’s Got Talent. This is the furthest any YoYoer has ever gotten on one of these talent programs.  Because of this , Werrd has given him his own signature yoyo called “Poo”. Not only is Skip known for his yoyo stylings, but he is also known for his irresistible charm. He is the most outgoing person on the planet, and will keep going with a joke until you laugh. He will make you smile regardless of what kind of mood you’re in. Here at Werrd we take pride in having players on our team that enjoy life and have fun, and Skip is the epitome of that. For that, we thank him for being a part of the Werrd Alliance.

Name: Keith “Skip” Mitton

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

Years YoYoing: Coming up to 10 Years

Main Style: 1a

Favorite YoYo: Werrd Poo

Favorite YoYoer:  All the new kids doing them crazy tricks that I can’t!

Favorite Food(s): Steak Sandwich, Pizza

Favorite Music/Band(s): Hip-hop, drum n bass, breaks/dubstep/plate, and much much more.

Favorite Movie: Breakin’  2:Electric Boogaloo

Boxers or Briefs? Boxers…My junk is claustrophobic