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21 January 2015
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WerrdBounty_Fin_with_textThe skinny is – Use any Werrd “Time Series” yo-yo (EIGHTY-SIX400, HOUR or MINUTE or [uh oh…nearly wrote more than we intended to here]) and WIN any recognized Regional, National or International contest and take home SWAG!
A Werrd Prize BOUNTY valued at thousands of $$$ is up for grabs!

We’re still so confident about how good the Werrd “Time Series” throws are that we’re offering the BOUNTY as a standing offer.

What is the BOUNTY?

At Werrd, we’re all about ‘technical excellence’. That means we create tricky computer stuffs together with a spinny cutting machine to make jojos play great.
With that in mind we designed – the HOUR. Then we tweaked it to make it even better and lo…the 2K13 HOUR was born. After that, we created the EIGHTY-SIX400 and then the MINUTE and all of them were deserving of being featured in the BOUNTY promotion.

How does it work…
If you win:
– a recognized Regional event, you will get a pick of the board… select ANY Werrd yoyo from the current range** (or possibly one of the Special Editions from the vault).
– your country’s National Event, you will be able to collect Werrd Swag valued up to $600
– an International Event (eg. Worlds, APs, EYYC, 44 Clash etc), you will sweep a  WERRD BOUNTY valued at up to $1000 off our hands
That’s right – game changing… if you win, you score. Pretty simple.


You are eligible to win the BOUNTY if you have competed and won a recognized Regional or National level Yo-Yo contest or if you take out a World Record using the Hour (see Terms and Conditions below).
No restriction on who can claim the bounty… You can be sponsored, Unsponsored, Werrd Alliance or Wrecking Crew, a Nun, Cheech or Chong… anyone actually.
Send us an email to werrd@werrd.com with the following details so that we can send you out your Bounty prize pack:
1.       Your full name
2.       Your address
3.       Contact telephone number
4.       Name of contest you won together with the website and any official published score link
5.       Attach a photo of you with the HOUR from the contest (this will be used by Werrd for promotional purposes)

This is us backing our yoyos. Simple.


Terms and Conditions of Entry:

1.       You must use one of the Werrd “Time Series” yo-yos (EIGHTY-SIX400, HOUR or MINUTE or [watch this space]) for your entire freestyle. If you change out during the freestyle, you must change to another Time Series Yo-Yo in order to be eligible to win the BOUNTY.  The BOUNTY is available for the following division 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A. If competing in 3A, all 3A pairs used must be Time Series Yo-Yos. What are you waiting for – you better get a couple..!!
2.       The contest must be a recognized Regional or National or International level competition. By entering you acknowledge that Werrd has the final say on whether any given contest is recognized or not. This is to prevent people from creating their own competition just for the sake of winning the Bounty.
3.       You must notify us in writing by email to werrd@werrd.com within 14 days of winning the contest in order to be eligible for the Bounty prize.
4.       Winners can win multiple events and claim multiple prizes.
5.       The BOUNTY is availabe for all recognized Regional or National or International level competitions and Yo-Yo-related World Record attempts for the next 12 unless published otherwise.
** Any available Werrd Yo-yo from the current range at the time of claim at Werrd’s sole discretion.


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