TRE 2K13

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Project Description:

Diameter: 57 mm
Width: 41.85 mm
Weight: 67.1 grams
Response: K-pads
Bearing Size: CBC Center Trac

Werrd is proud to release the signature yoyo of Werrd Alliance member Eric Tran-Ton who recently came 4th in the World at the World Yo-Yo Contest 2013, placing as highest US competitor.

The TRE has gone through many mutations, and the final product is a yoyo that sports a simplistic design with a consistent drop towards the bearing from the rim. It creates a perfect catch zone that allows players to perform their most complex tricks. Don’t let the simple design of this yoyo fool you, this yoyo has an amazingly well-balanced rim weight and comes loaded with a Center Trac bearing for long spin times. Produced with high quality 7075 aluminum, this yoyo can handle any 1a or 3a trick you throw its way. The shape gives it an edge in horizontal play, and its size lets you land all of your complex tricks with ease. The 2K13 TRE offers everything the modern yo-yo player needs. It is fast becoming the most popular choice for the members of the Werrd Alliance and Wrecking Crew.