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Project Description:

Diameter: 50 mm
Width: 36.6 mm
Weight: 64.6 grams
Response: Blueprint Rhino Pad Response.
Bearing Size: Size A

The Rhinoplasty is the updated version of the Minute. The Minute was our first attempt at making an undersized yoyo, and while it played we found it to be a little too sharp. So with the Rhinoplasty we shaved the rims down and rounded them to make the yoyo a lot more comfortable . We also upgraded the response area, and gave it our new blueprint Rhino pad response. This new system gave the yoyo enough response for a tight bind every single time, but also not grippy enough for it to snap back at you after every bind. The Rhinoplasty is the perfect pocket yoyo, it’s small enough to carry around without a huge hassle and it can handle any trick that you want to throw it’s way.