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Project Description:

Diameter: 52 mm
Width: 40.6 mm
Weight: 49.2 grams
Response: Ghost pad/Chaz Pad
Bearing Size: Size C

The Pacquiao, named after the world’s greatest fighter Manny Pacquaio, shows us that size and weight means nothing when it comes to performance. The Pacquiao is a small lightweight yoyo that packs a huge punch. Weighing in at 49 grams, the Pacquiao may seem like it’s too light for your conventional use but trust us when we say this thing can keep up with any other competition yoyo on the market. The lightness of the yoyo gives it a speed that not many other yoyos can offer, and its compact size gives you complete control over its movement. To top it all off the Pacquiao, A.K.A Pac Man, is finished with a smooth bead blast, this gives it a perfect finish to perform grinds on. This yoyo is one of the most unique yoyos in our arsenal, and it’s definitely the most fun yoyo in our entire line up.