Irony JP

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Diameter: 58 mm
Width: 42.6 mm
Weight: 66.8 g
Response: CBC K-Pad
Bearing Size: Crucial Groove 2 Bearing

The Irony JP is the third installment of the Irony series. We have come back and completely redesigned our most popular competition model, and this time we enlisted the help of the Japanese yoyo community. This yoyo was designed with the Japanese player in mind, and the first they told us was to lose the signature Werrd spike. We saw this as a chance to expand our horizons as far as engravings go and with the help of Drew Tetz, we designed the lotus engraving that you will find on each of our JP’s. Of all the Irony’s that we have produced the JP is definitely the most solid out of all of them. We added more rim weight to increase the spin time for longer combos, and we rounded off the sides of the yoyo even more to make the yoyo feel more comfortable in your hand. To top it all off, we gave these yoyos a bright anodized finish to make them pop when you use them on stage.