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Project Description:

Product Vault
Diameter:  60 mm
Width: 41.10 mm
Weight: 66.7 grams
Response: CBC K-Pad (Large Slim)
Bearing Size: CBC Center-Trac Bearing(large)

The Hour is our first attempt at making an affordable 7075 aluminum yoyo, and it has been a huge hit. With the Hour, we have proved that low cost does not mean low performance. We might have cut the cost of producing this yoyo, but definitely did not cut any corners when it came down to designing it. When we began designing this yoyo, we wanted to make something that was good enough for players to use in competition. So what we did was, we based the design of this yoyo off our popular “Irony” series. We slimmed down the yoyo, made the gap a little bit smaller, and made the yoyo bigger to create a yoyo that can handle any tricks you throw its way. This yoyo is not only a great playing yoyo, but it’s also an extremely beautiful yoyo. Each yoyo is engraved with the face of the Big Ben, and to add onto that, we anodized every yoyo with a bright and vibrant color and finished it with some silver splash. Along with making this yoyo as affordable as possible, we have also offered up a bounty that goes along with the HOUR. Compete and win a contest with an Hour and you will win a prize. For more information about this check out our Tumblr.