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Project Description:

EIGHTY-SIX400 – Part of the Werrd “Time Series”

Proving once again that competition-ready Yo-Yos don’t have to come with huge price tags, Werrd released the EIGHTY-SIX400.

EIGHTY-SIX400 (86400) = Number of seconds in one Day. It joins forces with the MINUTE and HOUR in the Werrd “Time Series” Get it? Good. J
This yo-yo is unmatched in power, speed and performance delivered in an affordable package.

Designed from the ground up for players who need an edge and giving the crowd something by showing off with its precision machined side face.

The player will enjoy the aggressive design and step-cut shape. Width and weight are optimal for modern competition play. Engineered to have a rim weight advantage but also to be nimble and manoeuvrable on the string.

As part of the Werrd “Time Series” the EIGHTY-SIX400 is backed by the BOUNTY  (see www.werrd.com for details) with over US$1000 worth of prizes to be won by any player who wins a title with the EIGHTY-SIX400*

* Terms and Conditions apply – see www.werrd.com for details.

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Werrd Eighty-Six400 Specs:

Diameter: 58.0mm
Width: 42.8mm
Gap Width 4.6mm
Weight: 67.0g
Bearing  Size: Center Trac C Size0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187
Response: Blueprint (Kpad) 19mm OD Slim
Axle Size: M4 x 12mm Stainless
Material: AL 6061 T6  anodized  bead blasted
String Provided Blueprint Poly Type 6