Bad Decision

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Project Description:

Diameter (With Rims): 59.5 mm
Width: 46.62 mm
Weight (With Rims: 68 grams
Response: CBC K-Pads
Bearing Size: Crucial Groove 2 Bearing

The Bad Decision is one of our latest editions to the “Decision” series. The difference between this and our older Split Decision, is that we have changed the body of the yoyo instead of just putting a different shaped plastic rim on it. In its truest form, the Bad Decision is an undersized H-shaped yoyo, this gives the Bad Decision a stability boost that the split needed. In order to add that stability we had to add rim weight, and the rim weight gave the yoyo a large boost in spin time. So if you’re looking for a classy looking yoyo, that can help you connect your long intricate combos you don’t have to look any further. Pick up a Bad Decision today!